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Materials: Repair Manager

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A program to calculate the necessary amount of building materialsMaterials will help to calculate the following:• The material flow which is listed as the number of liters or kilograms per square meter. Examples include paints, varnishes, enamels, primers, antiseptics and other coating materials.• Materials consumption which is listed as the number of kilograms per square meter at a certain thickness. Such materials often include dry mixes, such as plaster, putty, cement, sand concrete, screed, tile adhesive, etc.• Soft materials consumption which represents the amount of space they occupy. An example may be materials such as wallpaper, lining for laminate, various insulating films and other materials in rolls.• The solids flow which represents the amount of space they occupy. For example drywall, plywood, hardboard, particle board and other similar materials.
Basic information:• Calculations are universal and abstract from a particular material.• calculates the required material based on the flow of the material. For example, through the calculation of materials in rolls can be calculated as the wallpaper and, for example, linoleum. Through the calculation of drywall, you can also calculate the number of tiles, or laminate.• Any calculation can be made for both the walls and the floor or ceiling or individual walls.• You can tell the program to take into account whether the door or window openings.• You can also specify the desired material as a percentage of the stock and add a note to the calculation.• Since the calculations are mutable, they are very convenient to manage. At any time you can open and modify the calculation of the original data.
Performing calculations should be remembered that all the calculations are always exemplary. The actual required amount of material depends on many factors that can not be taken into account in the program. Carefully insert the source data, specify the necessary reserve, visually check the result obtained for plausibility - and then you can never go wrong in the calculation.
Pleasant to use!